Friday, October 22, 2010

Promotional FRENZY on ETSY

This is a fantastic ETSY Thread:

The purpose of this thread is to encourage each individual ETSY Shop, who is a member of the thread, to gain exposure. Galla15 has come up with a plan for every day of the week that encourages folks to promote their items, and other member's items for increased views which lead to that important SALE.

Various Promotional Venues are used, such as Blogging, Tweeting, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Facebook, just to name a few.

A few of my favorite Shops, who participate, are: (gorgeous Handmade jewelry) (lovely Handmade Jewelry) (beautiful photo cards, calendars,bookmarks)


  1. Thanks for promoting the thread...I am loving being a part of it.

  2. Great post Joday!! I love this thread, and am thankful to have your support :))

  3. Joday, I'm following you now! Great post.

  4. I'm following now! Great blog post! Keep up the good work!